Welcome to All Day Every Day Kindergarten!

Mrs. Short's 2014-2015 Class
It's not your parents' Kindergarten anymore. Long gone are the days of play time and nap time. Children in the present day want to be engaged with hands on activities throughout the day so they can understand the world around them. Through movement, music, stories and yes, there is still some play time, your student will learn how to read letters and sounds, read sight words, write sentences, work in small groups, calculate math addition facts of 0 and 1, and much more. Here are some tips to help your student through a school year of action packed learning:

Bedtime of 7:30 pm for students (or earlier for some children.)
Read to your student 15 minutes or more per day (if time allows.)
Ask your student about the LetterPeople and LISTEN.
Ooh! and Aah! over every piece of work they bring home.