Welcome to Life and Environmental Science

Summer camping trip St Louis River in Jay Cooke State park near Duluth,Mn.
Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at Kenyon-Wanamingo Middle School!

I am Mr. Jeff Wibben I am starting my 20th year here at KW and am looking forward to a great year in both 8th grade Environmental and 7th grade Life Science classes.
I am excited to get back into the swing of school and am looking forward to working with the 8th graders for a second year. I am also really eager to get to work with this year's 7th graders.

Besides teaching the 7th and 8th grades sciences, I am the Head Track coach for the boys and girls teams. So if you are interested in running please come talk to me.

Science makes the world go around.
Believe me, it really does 24/7/365!!!!! (numbers not precise, ask why if interested in really learning about our world)

In Grade 7 Life Science classes we will explore the living/nonliving components of our Earth, things like your cells and your organ systems that make up you, to the plants and animals and how they interact with each other and finally the Biomes that cover our planet.

In Grade 8 Env Science classes, we will look at the physical makeup of Earth and the other 7 true planets and 5 dwarf planets in our Solar System. Yes, this has changed from what you probably knew. Including our place in the unbelievably big Universe. We will also learn about the material that makes up the earth and how our planet is constantly changing due to forces at work on it all of the time. Finally we will learn about how weather happens.

If you have any questions about any aspect of either class please e-mail me at the address below. Each student will receive a copy of my Syllabus and Class Expectations in the first week of school.

Contact: Mr. Jeff Wibben